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This is a C1 CMS starter site showing some of the features in CMS. You can skin it, customize it, extend it and re-design it...

Getting Started

We have collected a few pointers to help you make this starter site your own. We have tried to keep it light, knowing that you probably just need to be pointed in the right direction, but if you get stuck or want to dig deep you will find links to more online resources.

Contact Us

We are ready to answer any question you may have regarding our products. Below you can find different ways to get in touch with us.

Starter Site Features 

Bootstrap Based

Bootstrap is one of the most popular framework for developing responsive, mobile first websites and web applications.

It features HTML and CSS based templates for web design such as typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components. Optionally it may contain JavaScript extensions.

The main purpose of the Bootstrap framework is to facilitate web development. It is compatible with the latest versions of most modern browsers.

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100% Responsive

The website is built to look best in the different mobile devices. It uses Bootstrap responsive features and automatically adapts your pages for various screen sizes.

Responsivenes ensures that your website will provide an optimal viewing experience (easy reading and navigation) and require a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling.

A wide range of devices from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones are supported by resposnive websites, "mobile first" being one of the central concept in this approach.

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Build with Less

The website is built with Less, a dynamic stylesheet language, which makes styling very flexible and easy, and allows for theming. 

Less features the following techniques: variables, nesting, mixins, operators and functions, making styling more maintainable and easier.

The main difference between Less and other CSS precompilers is that Less allows real-time compilation by the browser via a wide range of 3rd-party tools.

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Bundling & Minification

Bundling and minification is part of website optimization where all the JavaScript files with scripts used on web pages are collected and concatenated in one single file ("bundling").

Then it makes this file as small as possible ("minification") and includes it as the last thing in your HTML.

As a result, pages on your website load and render faster, which makes your customers happier and can ultimately make Google rank your website higher in search results. 

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Basic Page Templates

Pages on this website are created with one of the following layout template.

  • Frontpage
  • Page (full width)
  • Page with left aside and Page with right aside
  • Page with (left) navigation and Page with right navigation
  • Page with navigation and aside (3 columns)

Device Specific Content

Deliver either "Mobile" or "Desktop" content , depending on the browser requesting the page by using the package "Orckestra.Web.Html.DeviceSpecificContent".

Check out the current Frontpage on a mobile device - and you will see a simple Jumbotron block instead of the animated Jumbotron Carousel, which is visible on desktop devices.

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C1 CMS is a web content management system running on Microsoft's .NET platform - ideal for integration and expansion.

It is easy

We ensure that you work is a structured environment where you can focus on your task - be it managing content, customizing design or adding new features.

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It is powerful

You can always "break away" from the visual tools and create amazing stuff with CSS/LESS, JavaScript, ASP.NET Razor, .NET, C#, LINQ data access and so much more.

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It is solid

You can get all the benefits of commercial software - product warranty, support, automatic upgrades and advanced feature-rich add-ons. At a fraction of the normal cost.

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We have made the C1 CMS platform available as free open source - free of change and free for you to adapt.

About us

In short we are 150+ passionate people. Who love the web. Going to work everyday with the goal of creating fantastic software.

We strive to deliver quality in software and tooling for users and developers. We believe in open standards, unobstructive frameworks and the power of skilled humans, be it developers, designers or users.


The Viking Spirit

Our C1 CMS let you attack problems where it is most effective. Finish fast and clean with wizards or create perfection and customer value by hand.

Scandinavian Design

The Scandinavian focus on both form and function can be traced through the architecture, the tools and your ability to sculpture your website.

We work hard to make this a pleasant experience - in return we trust you will recommend us, give us your feedback, support us and help us improve through contributions.


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